La Mirada Transeúnte exhibition

The Hotel De las Letras hosts the exhibition La Mirada Transeúnte between June 4 and July 27. The exhibition is part of PhotoEspaña photography festival. It will open their doors from 10:30 to 24:00. Admission is free.

La Mirada Transeúnte is a collection of about 50 pictures of landscapes, architectural and interior works that serve as a metaphor of Spain. With a vision fleeing the topic, this is one of the most interesting exhibitions of the festival.

You can find more information about 2014 PhtotoEspaña’s program on the official website.

By alphabetical order, these are the participants on La Mirada Transeúnte: Sergi Aguilar | Patricia Allende | Julio Álvarez-Yagüe | Luis Asín | Javier Campano | Carlos Cánovas | José Antonio Carballo | Vari Caramés | Juan Manuel Castro Prieto | Ana Castuera | José María Díaz-Maroto | Carlos Fernández-Sánchez | Ferran Freixa | Jordi Gómez | Manolo Laguillo | Eduard Olivella | Pilar Pequeño | Luis Pérez-Mínguez | Humberto Rivas | Manuel Serra de Rivera | Agustín Rodríguez | Manuel Sonseca | Juan Pedro Trejo | Luis Vioque


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